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Sobre Nosotros


“Tierra” in Spanish means land and “Mar” translates to sea.

We chose this name to encompass both our nationalities and backgrounds. Brett grew up in the beautiful English county of Wiltshire, surrounded by countryside and farms. Silvia is from the Spanish town of Benidorm and grew up by the Mediterranean sea.

Both Brett and Silvia have a love of fresh produce, whether fresh seafood in Spain or fresh meat and vegetables reared and grown on the family smallholding near Cirencester.


Tapas typically consists of small dishes served with a drink, however, tapas can also be a variety of larger dishes set in the centre of the table for your party to share.

Here at Tierra & Mar, the choice is yours. What really inspired us to open a tapas restaurant is the way of eating, of being given the choice to try multiple dishes at a time.

Whether you want to just have a few small plates to yourself to accompany a drink or a set of larger plates to share with friends, there really is an option to suit everyone.

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